Gurukul Senior Secondary School, Bhatapara is a constituent school of Gurukul Senior Secondary School

Home Infrastructure


Technology and Infrastructure are also vital ingredients in the string of progression and innovation of the students and hence it has always been given due deliberation at Gurukul Senior Secondary School. Adhering to CBSE bye laws, the school has proper facilities like ramps, toilets for wheel chair users and the differently abled students to ensure barrier free environment in the school building. High flow water purifiers are installed on all the floors for the supply of clean drinking water.

Installation of fire hydrants designed and approved by the National Fire safety is a milestone development to avert fire disaster. The entire school building is included, without limitation, to cover the school structures that shall meet the demand of fire safety.

Visible from the classrooms also are dedicated green spaces, as well as a garden and playing field. Moreover, the Arts & Crafts room, Science Labs, Mathematics Lab, Computer Labs, Humanities Lab, Activity Arena, Multimedia Room and Performance Centres are provided for the betterment of the students, along with facilities for indoor games.


It makes available text books and other additional reading material for all subjects as per the requirement of teachers and students. Holding almost 16,000 books on a wide variety of subjects, the Gurukul Senior Secondary School library is an invaluable storehouse of knowledge and a worthy resource for the growth of our students. From an early age, pupils are encouraged to cultivate their reading skills, and to use the space as a secure centre for learning and self-improvement.


The School has two separate fully furnished computer labs for Primary and Senior wing. Both labs have projectors with modern age digital content. Each laboratory has 40 computers, high speed internet access with technically qualified faculties. The school’s computer and communication facilities provide state-of-the-art equipment and broadband internet connectivity. Aside from three well-equipped Computer Labs, the Learning Centre provides IT services for use in projects and research assignments.


Team sports prepares a child to the method of performing in a group and for individual sports the school grooms and trains a student to learn and participate. Splendid sporting facilities abound which include tennis and basketball courts, a sports complex which includes two swimming pools, a squash court, a table tennis room, judo corner and all facilities for indoor games. There is a provision for sports activities for students of all age groups.


Spacious, safe and fully equipped laboratories where students can work in groups or individually & satisfy their curiosity through experiments that help in developing their scientific acumen. Separate Labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Biology and Chemistry each offer the students the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical context, in groups and individually. This exposure to a research environment allows the possibility for students nurture a scientific interest.


Our students relish the opportunity to vaunt their artistic skills in the Art room, following the path of self expression as far as their imaginations will take them. A number of mediums are available for this gracious pursuit, including clay modelling, painting, and drawing and craft activities.